Who is Dr. Vet Jet?

This is my first blog post (ever) so bear with me. Allow me to introduce myself, Dr. Nicole Davis DVM of the House New Jersey, First of Her Name, the NAVLE passer, Breaker of….pharmacology, and Mother of Bearded Dragon (and cat). I am a huge GoT fan.

In all seriousness, I am Dr. Nicole Davis DVM and I am a veterinarian. I was born and raised in New Jersey and I called New Jersey my home for 17 years. I was very shy growing up, but all my friends new that I LOVED animals at a very young age. I remember in the 1st grade during recess, one of my friends started stomping on ants and I ran over and said “NOOOO. DON’T KILL THEM.” I picked up one barely alive ant and I put it in a small doll house that was outside on the school playground. I made a blanket and pillow out of leaves and a put a small piece of a leaf for the ant to eat the next day (Yes yes, I was very cute). The next day at recess, the ant was GONE! My friends were so excited and they were saying “you saved the ant! He got up and walked away because you saved him!” I was so happy thinking that I saved that ant and I believe that moment is what enhanced my thought of become a veterinarian………thinking back on it as I have become a young adult, the ant was probably eaten by a bird, BUT IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.

For my senior year in high school, I moved to New York (the state, not the city. Yes, there is a New York state). It was a difficult transition for me to be relocated during one of my most memorable times in my life. I did, however, make amazing friends during the short time at my new high school.

I applied and was accepted to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, MA. WPI is one of the top science and engineering school in this country. My mom is an industrial engineer, my step father is an electrical engineer, my uncle is….a different type of engineer. So, needless to say, I was indented to become an engineer (more specifically a Biomedical engineer). Maybe within a few weeks or a month into school, I changed my major to Biology and Biotechnology. Engineering was not my passion, nor do I like that aspect of science. WPI is a tough school, but their education and hands on learning is amazing. WPI requires students to complete projects during your junior year and senior year. During junior year, the project can take 6-7 weeks to complete. During senior year, the project can take an entire semester. For both projects, WPI offers some students to study abroad (Thailand, Japan, London, Cape Town, and many more location) or to study within the USA (Washington DC, Worcester, Boston, New York, etc.). The purpose of the different projects is to improve the community or company. If the project is successful, then it will be used by the community or it will be improved by a new set of students next year. During my junior year, I was chosen to complete my project in Washington DC with the National Science Foundation to improve their grant proposal process. During my senior year, I decided to stay in Worcester, MA and complete a project on the study of invasive crayfish in the area. Both of my projects were successful and published online. Graduating was a bitter sweet moment for me. I have met so many people, who I still keep in touch with to this day. I was the secretary and then president of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). I experienced the happiest and saddest moments of my life at this school. Those 4 years just flew by.worcester-polytechnic-institute2

During my time at WPI, I applied for vet school. I did not want to take a year off because I was afraid that I would become lazy or lose my strong ability to learn. I applied to 8 school and I was only accepted to 2 of them. Ross University and Tuskegee University. Here is a short list of the pros and cons of each school (this is just my opinion, NOT FACT):

Name Pros Cons
Ross University 1.       On a beautiful island

2.       3 year program and then 1 year in the USA for clinics

3.       Small class


2.       No typical “breaks” (you can’t go  home for holidays)

Tuskegee University 1.       In the USA

2.       HBCU school (creates most of the black doctors/veterinarians

3.       Small classes

1.       Appears slow and unorganized at times


I took my chances with Tuskegee because I wanted to be able to go home easily. Going to Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine (TUCVM) was the BEST decision I made. I plan on making another blog post about my time in TUCVM.

Look at my beautiful class of 2017. DREAM 2017!!

I hope this post gives you a quick look at my background. Don’t worry. I plan on making future posts about my time in TUCVM, applying to vet school, job searching and fails, and so much more!


With Love,

Dr. Vet Jet

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